Russ and LizRuss is a retired software engineer for the defense industry. 5 years ago he began to seek a change in purpose, lifestyle, and career.  He has been studying sustainable farming for several years in preparation for this new adventure.

Liz is retired from General Motors.  After retirement she spent 2 years in Petaluma, CA helping her sister start Tara Firma Farms.  While there, she was in charge of all seed and feed purchases; both for animals and interns.  She helped in the farm store, cleaned eggs, cooked for everyone & every event, and oversaw the care of any animal that was under the weather.

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We know that some of you would like to see our farm, whether you’re a responsible consumer, simply interested in farming yourself, or want to know “just exactly what are those Bates’ doing out there?”.  Like most farmers we have very limited time, so if you wish to visit the farm please contact us.