Heritage breeds are the livestock raised by our forefathers, the first breeds that were selected and bred to make them well-suited to local environments. These are the pastoral breeds that grazed in the countryside, not in metal feeding pens.

Today, these old breeds still possess traits that make them self-sufficient survivors. They are fertile, resistant to disease and parasites, can forage on their own, can survive in harsh environments, and live long lives. Heritage breeds are vital to the health of agriculture, due to their diverse and well-rounded genetics. They don’t require the constant doses of antibiotics given to modern commercial breeds, giving consumers a more natural and better-tasting source of meat.

Heritage breed livestock must be raised in open pasture or range environments and humanely slaughtered. These ethical and sustainable farming practices ensure high-quality food for your table.

B&B Heritage Farms specializes in heritage breed Pineywood Cattle, Large Black Pigs, and Dominique Chickens.